is a website providing booking services for tourism activities in Phu Quoc, operated and organized by Phu Quoc Coral Park Seaworld Namaste.

The First Coral Park In Phu Quoc

The First Coral Park In Phu Quoc Seaworld Coral Park was formed in October 2017. With a total area of more than 1ha, built by Seaworld Namaste Company about 500m2 of coral nursery and 500m2 of seabed walking service. The rest of the area, about 9000m2, will continue to be invested to create a miniature ocean population following the trend of sustainable tourism.

Terms for Phu Quoc Seawalker

Tour Booking Guide
The tour Customers can book tours online at, book tours by phone or contact directly at the nearest Phu Quoc Seawalker box office. Book the tour at least 3 days in advance for the long day tour and 30 minutes in advance for the return tour. Phu Quoc Seawalker will confirm tour booking information right after receiving your request. Tour price is calculated according to Vietnam Dong (đ). Tour price includes the services listed in the section "Services included" listed on the website or tour program. Online tour booking Select travel dates and number of adults and children (4-10 years old or 1m-1m3) Choose to book tour to continue Enter complete customer information and complete tour booking The system will automatically send a confirmation email to you Phu Quoc Seawalker will contact and confirm the booking status Book tour by phone Please contact 0828022249 (Long) for advice and support with tour booking.
The tour programs of Phu Quoc Seawalker do not require prepayment except long-term tours (including hotel rooms), or on peak occasions, and groups of 10 guests. For day trips, you can pay by cash / bank transfer or swipe card (2% fee) at Phu Quoc Coral Park Seaworld Namaste Customers who receive invoices, please inform Phu Quoc Seawalker in advance when booking tour and pay an additional bill of 10% based on tour price, with the payment amount from 20 million (tax included) please pay to the account. business account. Personal account  Le Quang Duy  Bank Account: 7170100999976  MB Bank Phu Quoc branch Business account  Namaste Investment and Development Joint Stock Company  Bank Account: 7271100156007  MB Bank Phu Quoc Branch
GENERAL PROVISIONS a) For Phu Quoc Seawalker Commitment to provide services as committed to the services specified in the tour program. b) For customers During the travel, visitors must adhere to the program, not arbitrarily separating the group. If there is a request to change, to notify the team leader and tour guide. If the services included in the tour program are not provided or the itinerary changes due to force majeure reasons (war, natural disaster, fire ...) beyond the control of Phu Quoc Seawalker then Cost incurred customers will bear, while other exceptions the responsibility belongs to Phu Quoc Seawalker. In the process of contract performance, if any dispute occurs, it will be resolved on the basis of negotiation between the two parties. If the negotiation does not achieve results, everything will be brought to the economic court in accordance with the provisions of current law. All costs involved will be borne by the party. Bring a full range of identification documents when traveling such as Identity Card, Passport, Birth Certificate (for children), Marriage Certificate (for customers who only buy hotel services). For overseas Vietnamese, when using a Passport or a Green Card, you must bring your Visa and Vietnam re-export paper. In case customers bring children under 15 years old (other than natural children) with them in the program, they must bring a Power of Attorney from the parent, certified by the local authority. Guests over 70 years old when traveling must be accompanied by a relative or a written commitment of family and health insurance. c) Reviews The assessment is only made after tourists have used the service at Phu Quoc Seawalker and not more than 30 days from the date of using the service. Visitors are entitled to evaluate many times, each time for a service, not to use many reviews for a service to ensure objectivity. When writing visitor reviews, please use appropriate and polite language, the reviews are objective and constructive, not offend or use inappropriate words. Reviews that are inconsistent with Phu Quoc Seawalker's policy may be deleted, meaning visitors' accounts may be restricted from writing reviews on Phu Quoc Seawalker's system. Hotel The hotel is offered on the basis of rooms with one double bed (DBL) or two single beds (TWN), depending on the hotel's room structure. Hotels booked by Phu Quoc Seawalker for sightseeing programs have standards corresponding to the ticket prices that guests choose when registering to travel. If change is required for any reason, the alternative hotel will be of the original hotel standards and will be notified to you prior to departure. Special requirements if notified in advance to Phu Quoc Seawalker will be met depending on the availability of the hotel and customers must pay extra for these requests (if any). Phu Quoc Seawalker reserves the right not to meet these requests if the hotel refuses to provide services. Transport Means of transport depending on the travel program. With the program going by car: Air-conditioned car (4, 7, 15, 25, 35, 45 seats) will be arranged by Phu Quoc Seawalker depending on the number of guests in each group, serving during the tour. With the program traveling by train - aircraft - hydrofoils (public transport): Phu Quoc Seawalker reserves the right to change departure time to suit the requirements of suppliers. This change will be notified by Phu Quoc Seawalker in advance to customers if time permits. Phu Quoc Seawalker is not responsible for reimbursement and liability for physical and mental damages caused by delay of departure time of public transports or delays caused by passengers. . Luggage Compact luggage, Phu Quoc Seawalker is not responsible for the loss or damage of luggage or any other belongings of visitors during the trip, visitors take care of their own luggage. If customers lose or lose their luggage, Phu Quoc Seawalker will help passengers to contact and report to relevant departments to track down the lost or lost luggage. The compensation for lost or lost luggage will be in accordance with the regulations of the service providers or the insurance companies (if any).
Insurance policies
Tour price includes travel insurance with compensation of 20,000,000 VND / case. The compensation (if any) will be done by the insurance company in accordance with regulations - insurance rules for tourists. If the customer needs additional health, life and property insurance, the customer must register in advance and pay an additional amount depending on the level of insurance that the customer wants for Phu Quoc Seawalker at least 03 days before the date. start.
Refund / Cancelation Policy
Cancellation 1 day before departure: 100% complete of the deposit Cancellation on departure: 100% of total deposit charge Change date: 24h notice In case of force majeure (terrorism, natural disaster, bad weather ...), the tour kit can be adjusted or canceled. Set the place will be complete the money for the services not used and not a normal