What is Seawalker, how is it different from diving to see coral reefs?

Seawalker is a journey to explore the ocean floor equipped with a special technology astronaut hat from Thailand with a depth of 5-6m, safe and comfortable to 99% like being on the mainland. Seeing hundreds of colorful corals compared to normal glasses, just diving and watching the corals on the water will not be as diverse and rich as the seabed walking service.

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Phu Quoc Corak Park Seaworld Namaste

Can children and seniors participate?

Children aged 5 years and over and the elderly under 70 years old, without respiratory problems and blood pressure can participate in the seawalker.

How much for Children Seawalker Ticket ?

The price for children ticket will be equal to the adult ticket because the experience and all facilities are the same as adult tickets.

Does this Seawalker tour include travel insurance?

Underwater walks at Phu Quoc Seaworld Namaste coral park include travel insurance provided by Bao Viet Insurance Corporation. In the amount of 20,000,000 VND / person / accident. Tourist insurance policy number: KHH.D04.DL4.20.HD10, you can see details of terms, conditions and rules here.

Can I walk under the ocean if I can’t swim or I’m nearsighted?

Visitors who cannot swim or are nearsighted can participate in the underwater walking experience. Because during the experience you always get 1 to 1 with a diving instructor at Phu Quoc coral park with international professional PADI certificate up to 99% safe. In particular, not afraid of wet hair or mascara as well as makeup because with the equipment of a dedicated Astronaut hat from Thailand, the water only reaches your shoulder.

Can I know what points my undersea cruise will go through?

You are invited to see an undersea map made by Seaworld Namaste Phu Quoc coral park below:

What is the difference between a Standard ticket and a V.I.P ticket?

The most obvious difference between the beach walk ticket and the V.I.P is that the beach vip package route will be longer, the experience is longer and

Explore up to 11 clusters of coral – marine life, dance with water bubbles, feed fish under the sea for more than 20 minutes. You can check the map of the sightseeing area on the seabed to better understand this difference.

What are the facilities at Phu Quoc coral park?

At Seaworld Namaste Phu Quoc coral park, facilities such as lockers, changing rooms, bathrooms, toilets and towels are completely free. In case, guests with poor heat resistance below the park can still assist guests to borrow specialized diving gear to participate in the undersea experience, as the quantity is limited, overloading the park side may not support help get your diving gear.